MCC Panels, PCC Panels, DG Synchronization Panels, APFC Panels, VFD Panels, PLC/SCADA Panels, 11Kv & 33kV VCB Panels, RMUs, MV Capacitor Banks.

  Copper and Aluminum Cables & Bus bars, ACSE, AAC, AAAC conductors, Aerial Bunched Cables…

  DMC / SMC Bus bar supports, Panel Locks, Hinges & handles, Crimping Lugs & Tube Terminals, Self Adhesive Gaskets, Spiral Wounds, PVC Cable Ducts, Cable Ties, Tie Mounts, Eye Bolts, screws, Heat Shrinkable Tubes & Sleeves, Tie Mounds, Connectors.

  All Hydraulic Valves, Drives, Gearboxes Pumps & HPU Units (up to 15000PSi) For all Onshore & Offshore Applications.

  Lifting Equipments & Its Components for Onshore & Offshore Application & Marine Logistics.

  Industrial UPS and Battery Chargers, VRLA and Nickel Cadmium batteries.

  Power and Distribution Transformers Oil filled and Resin Cast type, Low Voltage dry type Potential, Isolation and Control Transformers, Servo-Stabilizers.

  All types of Electrical, Mechanical and Instrumentation Jobs that include Project planning, Execution & commissioning of Major Projects at Saudi Aramco, other Industries & Plants, inside & outside KSA (Offshore & Onshore)

  All Specialized & Customized Equipments & components for Oil & Gas, Generation & transmission, Chemical & Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical, Fertilizer & Steel Plant & Storage facilities.