Generator Rehabilitation & Rewinding.

End Winding vibration Systems for Generators.

Condition Monitoring & Reliability Services for All Rotating equipments.

Oil And Gas, petrochemical Plant Shutdown Supports.

Laser Alignment.

Lubrication System.

Supply & installation of Hydraulic Hoses, Pumps, Valves, Oil Seals & Components.

Switchgear & Cable Thermography Services.

Blowers, Fans, Impellers, Cooling Towers On-Site Dynamic Balancing.

Remote Diagnostic Centre.

E&I, Process Control system panels & Switchgears integration Services.

Vehicle Tracking system & E Gate Systems for logistics Management.

Continuous Emission Monitoring System & Dust Monitoring System.

Rehabilitation, Supply & Installation of Mooring winch, pipe davits & Its Control systems for Offshore Applications.

Trouble shooting, Rectification & Rehabilitation of Electrical & hydraulic Heavy Lifting Equipments & Over head Lifting Equipments.

Jack up Barge Monitoring System Services.

Inspection & certifications of Crane & Lifting Equipment.

Load Moment Indicator installation, Calibration & certification for all Lifting Equipments.

Servicing, Testing & Certification of Hydraulic components.